Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

friend's what?

loyal friend, it is something that all people want to get it, but why so hard to get it? I know, because today there are more tdak loyal friend, it's just empty talk back.

what's wrong with you?

I have you wasted with fake love .. until finally I hate you ..
Why all this attention you give me a very excessive? If eventually you just toying with me?
I'm only human who can only regret for all the deceit! I do not know what's on your mind right now, but I get back to me.

only you who can, make me so mad
hahaha, writing nonsense on which crossed my mind, but I never felt it.


I was there, why do you always see not here? you just see something you think is important. I here that you considered important not only garbage that have been made in the waste.
I was like charcoal that is not important anymore for you. indira first sense but now? not anymore. indira are with sara and yulfa, he had forgotten me, I always remember all his kindness.
I hate you.!!!